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Gift Ideas for Her

Gift for her

Can't think of good gift for your girlfriend or wife? Gift her your time and attention; give her a note that says -

" I wanted to buy you something great, but couldn't think of anything. And I felt bad that even after spending so much time with you I don't know you well enough to buy a gift that would bowl you over! I'd love to know you better - I have 50 bucks. Let's go shopping so that you can get a gift you really want and I can get to know you better. ~~ Love, xxx "

The receiver will often love it since shopping together means you get to spend time together, they can get a gift they want and you will learn more about them. Make sure you plan a good time - include a movie if you have a whole day or plan to have coffee after shopping etc.

Of course, you should only use this once but a woman might insist on using this a few times more before she gets tired of it - so do pay attention and get to know her taste :).

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