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Life As I Know It (2007)

"Fools say they learn from experience. I prefer to profit by others' experience." - Bismarck
  1. Knowledge doesn't make you intelligent.
    Understanding does. Understanding = Knowledge + Experience. Virgins can read the Kamasutra, but one can only appreciate it when it is practiced. The current leaders of US and UK "know" democracy. But by trying to force it down the throats of others, they show their lack of understanding of it (because they've forgotten that nobody "gave" them democracy).

  2. Faith is more important than religion.
    Even the atheists believe in something. It is faith (in whatever we believe) that keeps us going. We lose our self if we lose faith.

  3. People will always judge you by your actions and not your thoughts and beliefs.

  4. Judge people not just through their actions but their motivations for it too.

  5. Anxiety can result from avoiding something.
    When you feel resentment and frustration and avoid dealing with the situations causing them, they often get converted into anxiety about something else. If you are really worrying about something, and have no idea why ask yourself, "What am I really upset about?" and deal with that instead of focusing on your feelings of panic.

  6. Women. I still don't understand them.
    This I know - Women dress stylishly to impress other women, not men. Go figure!


  7. Sometimes life sucks. Just suck it up.
    It'll pass. It helps to remember the last time you felt bad. You'll realize you've been through worse and have come out of it too.

  8. Empathize more, advice less.
    Sometimes we just want to be understood. If you start shooting "logical" advice when the other person wants you to listen, he / she will feel criticized. Even if the other person wants advice, empathic listening will make them more receptive to your ideas. When in doubt, ask.

  9. Think big, start small. Persevere.

  10. Don't argue. Win them through action.
    An argument often offends people - words are interpreted according to a person's mood and beliefs. Actions and demonstrations are much more powerful and meaningful.

  11. Don't see things with your eyes only.
    If you aren't flexible, life will break you. Practice looking at yourself, others and situations from a different perspective. Be willing to broaden your beliefs - understand Islam, read Desmond Tutu, read Gandhi.

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